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"What you do makes a difference.  You have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." (Jane Goodall)

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn



The benchmark here is to create a memorial that is life-affirming and encourages coping skills and resilience, especially in the face of difficult life events. Samples of these types of activities include:

  • Making donations to a local crisis center or other charitable organization

  • Collecting money to help family with funeral expenses

  • Participating in an event that raises awareness about suicide prevention

  • Buying books for the school library or hosting school programs that highlight resilience

  • Service projects providing opportunities to help others

  • Writing notes to the family to give the ‘gift of memories’

  • Collaborating with community agencies and groups that promote good mental health, such as the local chapter of the Mental Health Association

Guidelines for School Memorials 

Responsibly Messaging

Responsibly Spread Awareness

Public Messaging Guidelines:

  1. Use Factual Information

  2. Provide  Resources 

  3. Use a Positive Narrative

Strategic Communication Planning

National Recommendations

  1. Convey that suicide is complex

  2. Show that help is available

  3. Portray characters with suicide thoughts that do not die

  4. Every day people in your life can be a resource for help

  5. Use non judgemental language

  6. Avoid describing ways to die by suicide

  7. Show the grieving & healing process of those left behind

Kindness Tree for Community

Get Creative

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