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Ways to Honor a Loved One

"Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone."

Below are just a few ideas for ways you can get involved in the community, promote awareness and prevention or simply remember your Loved One. 

Young Volunteers


Get involved with helping out at fundraisers, trainings, memorials walk, the annual local shoe memorial or grant writing by emailing

Memorial Walks in Area

Iowa County, WI (July) in Ridgeway "Suicide Memorial Walk"

Veterans Memorial Walk (May)

Madison, WI (April) "Out of the Darkness"

Platteville, WI ( September) "Ben's Hope"

Sauk Prairie, WI ( September) "Hope"

Lancaster, WI (May)

Prairie du Chien, WI 

Walking Club
Gold Ribbon

Advocacy & Awareness

Honor them by what their

loves in life were:  Click Here 

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