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Our Work & Our Beginnings

"Kindness is a language the blind

can see and the deaf can hear."

Our Team

We are a group of concerned citizens from a variety of professions ranging from law enforcement, morticians, therapists, educators, religious personnel, medical personnel, and Survivors of a Suicide loss.

Our Mission

The mission of Suicide Prevention of Southwest Wisconsin is to prevent suicide through awareness, education, collaboration, and improved access to mental health care.

In January 2018, due to lack of services and need, we expanded our geographical area to include Grant, Lafayette, Richland, Sauk, Crawford and Vernon Counties. We officially changed our name to reflect these additional counties in January 2023.

"Suicide Prevention Corporation of Southwest Wisconsin"


Our Beginning


Counties We Serve

Our Vision

Suicide-free communities where people will recognize the warning signs, intervene, and help individuals find hope.

Below is an archive of our annual community involvement, work and accomplishments by year. 

July started the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Iowa County WI
 Suicide Awareness:
  •  Presented to CESA #3 superintendents meeting 

  • Created and printed 1500 suicide resource brochures and distributed them throughout Iowa County.

  • website set up:

  • Facebook page: Suicide Prevention Coalition of Iowa County WI

  • Suicide prevention information monthly in Church bulletins, CESA#3 Newsletter, Veterans affairs, Compassionate Friends & ADRC

Education & Collaboration:
  • Partnership with CESA #3 

Mental Health Access:
  • Hired Journey Mental Health Crisis Center to present on mental health issues related to suicide 1x each month.

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